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Product Name: Hydraulic Punch Driver (Hole Digger) CH-60

hydraulic hole maker

Hydraulic Hole Digger  CH-60


Force: 31T

Aperture: Φ3/8″-Φ3/4″

Max thickness of sheet: 10mm max

Depth of throat: 95mm

Gross Weight: 25.50kg

Packing Size: 40×25×15cm



Mould disposition:3/8″(Φ10.5mm); 1/2″(Φ.8mm); 5/8″(Φ17mm); 3/4″(Φ20.5mm)

Note: it can match hand pump CP-700 or electric pump ZCB6-5



1.Detachable hydraulic punching machine is applicable for punching L,H flat-plate steel,copper row and aluminum row.

2.A flat pedestal has been designed to the bottom part in order to make it smooth  with no shaking.

3.Single hole type oil feed-back,the mould adopts high-carbon tungsten alloy steel with good wear-ability.


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